Commerce Classification, Manufacture and Service Commerce

Commerce Classification, Manufacture and Service Commerce
Commerce consists of various types, and the various consequences, commerce can be grouped in different ways. Among other things, there are many ways that can be used to classify businesses that combine trade with activities based on profit making.
Commerce ethics is important because it will adapt commerce to the values and reach of the community. Entrepreneurs and businesses are thought to comply with the Deed and Local Law. Apart from regulations and trade deeds, ethical decisions can strengthen relations and trust in the world of commerce. Commercial decisions that are not ethical not only eliminate customer trust but also weaken the commerce in the future.
An example of an unethical trading situation is like half the sellers who charge different prices to different customers. This usually applies in the night market or retail store. This is said to be less ethical and is prohibited by law.

Manufacturing is a trade that produces a product that comes from raw goods or components, and then is sold to make a profit. For example, manufacturing is a company that can produce physical goods such as trains or pipelines.

Service Commerce
A service trade is a trade that can produce goods that are not equilibrium, and generate profits by asking for payment for services already provided. Examples of service trade are consultants and psychology.

Distributors and retailers
Dealers and retailers are parties who have the role as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the user. Most customer-oriented stores and companies are retailers or dealers.

National Commerce and Agriculture
National and agricultural trade is a trade that can produce spoiled goods, such as plants or minerals.

Financial Commerce
Financial Commerce is a trade that has the goal of getting a profit rather than investment and management of a capital.

Business Information
Informal commerce is a commerce that can produce a profit from the resale of intellectual property.

Ultiliti is a business that can control services for ordinary people, such as water and electricity, and is usually funded by the government.

Treasury business
Hartanah trade is a trade that can generate profits by selling, compounding, and developing property, baungunan, and houses.

Transportation Commerce
Freight Commerce is a trade that gets a profit from how to deliver goods or individuals from one place to another.

Commerce Classification
Types of Commerce
Sole Proprietorship
A single milikan trade is a commerce run by individuals and owned entirely by individuals. Because it is the property of the individual, the owner of the trade has absolute power to oversee the journey and operation of the trade. The owner and merchant or trade organization is referred to as the same entity. There is no separation between the two. This means that the assets of the trade are also individual assets, the owner of the trade. Therefore, any problem involving commerce is directly involving the interests of individuals or owners.