Examples of E-Business and E-Commerce

Examples of E-Business and E-Commerce
No less interesting is that by applying the concept of networking (internetworking), a small and medium scale company can easily work with giant companies to offer various products and services to customers. And not infrequently there is also a small-scale company (seen from the number of employees) whose income can exceed medium and large companies because of their effective strategies in implementing e-business. "Unexpectedly", the internet network that was previously only intended for research institutions such as universities turned out to be expanding and expanding its use in business and society. The result is the connection of hundreds of millions of people (and counting) into a network arena that is often referred to as the virtual world (virtual world).

Drivers of E-business
The development of the implementation of the e-business concept is strongly influenced by external driving forces, namely:
Customer Expectations
What is expected by consumers at this time is not enough to be satisfied with the good quality of a product, but customers also expect good pre and post-sale services. The spectrum of services referred to include: ordering can be done anytime, anywhere, and payment for product purchases using a variety of methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and transfer services, and the existence of product insurance facilities and product delivery that is fast and competitive prices, etc. other.
Competitive Imperatives
Globalization has formed a very tight arena of business competition. Customers will easily compare the quality of products and services between companies, this forces the company to develop the right strategy.
Macro-deregulation carried out by the government and other countries (such as APEC, AFTA, WTO) has contributed to the shape of the business world in the future, especially with the concept of free trade between countries and industries. The internet here is considered as an arena where the concept of perfect competition and open markets has taken place, especially products and services that can be digitalized.
E-business is the advancement of information technology that is dominated by accelerating computer and telecommunications technology. The function of information technology is not only critical for the development of e-business but is also a driver of the possibility of new business models.

Examples of E-Business and E-Commerce
Some examples of e-business today are newspapers or print media that are online-based, so it's not just the print media. Lots of print media run their business not only through print media but also through online media on the internet and of course there are so many benefits that can be obtained, for example: news that can be accessed at any time by the whole community and more updated news etc. Then another example at this time are many fashion shops that not only run their businesses in the real world but they also run their businesses online.

For more details about e-commerce, then here are some examples of e-commerce that are quite popular:
With so many famous websites based on e-commerce, the benefits of online shop for sellers and buyers are felt by almost all people. This certainly has a positive impact on economic development as well.